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  • Total area 188.11 m2
  • Living space 119.27 m2
  • Built-up area 170.92 m2
  • Terrace 9.62 m2
  • Garage 26.67 m2
  • Length 12.20 m
  • Width 14.30 m
Content and pricing of the project
Energy Effective
Energy Efficiency Class
- kWh/annum Energy consumption for
heating of the building
Valid when the same materials are used and the same positioning on site.

House project "Alexa"



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1 floor
  1. Entryway 7.03 m2
  2. Corridor 2.03 m2
  3. Cloakroom 1.56 m2
  4. Boxroom 2.22 m2
  5. Kitchen 11.73 m2
  6. Dining room 14.99 m2
  7. Living room 30.32 m2
  8. Bathroom 2.86 m2
  9. Garage 26.67 m2
  10. Boiler room 10.92 m2
Total: 110.33 m2
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  • - Drilled/piled
  • - Ceramic blocks
External finish
  • - Plaster
  • - Wood planks
  • - Decorative clinker
  • - Prefabricated ferroconcrete
  • - Tin sheets
Basic content and pricing of the project
1390 EUR+ VAT
Construction permit
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Frequently asked questions
  • How can I find a house which was built according to my favorite project?

  • Unfortunately, we can not disclose this information because of our Client's privacy protection reasons. We have some pictures of houses that were built according to our house plans and we will post them on our website's photo gallery when this will be legally possible.

  • What is a ready-made house plan?

  • A ready-made (or prefabricated) house plan is a fully developed design, where solutions are oriented to the majority needs. The main advantage of a ready-made house plan is the cost, since it can be lower up to several times in comparison to custom home design. It is also very attracting due to opportunity to quickly order the plan (takes only 5 working days) and start all construction works. After you order a ready-made house plan, you already know how your dream house will look like, whereas you will never truly know what the final version of your custom project will be. Ready-made plans are often rational, without very special structural solutions. This is the optimal solution for the families that don't want to devote much time and money to manual design of almost every detail of their custom house.

  • I want some modifications in the house plan. How much will it cost?

  • This is a great question. Since each house plan is different and each modification requests are unique, it is hard to give a fixed price. 

    Our company modifies hundreds of plans every year, in addition to producing original designs. The average price of modifying a plan varies from 60 to 200 EUR, which is worth the cost to get exactly what you want. By comparison, the average fee charged by an usual architect to design your home from the scratch is 5 percent of the final cost of your home, or 3000 EUR for a 60000 EUR home.

    Open a plan you'd like to adjust and click on the icon “Make changes to the draft” which is in the bottom menu of floor plans. There you can draw new walls, delete old redundant ones, draw windows or doors, and make other desired changes. There you will also be able to describe all your thoughts. Then click “Send”. All the changes will be received by our experts. They will evaluate your needs, identify the price for desired changes and contact you with all the details. 

    You can also use other programs (such as MS Paint™, etc.). The most important in the plan editing process is that our professionals should be able to understand what your desired changes are.

  • What is included in the composition of the house plan?

  • The house plan set contains architectural - structural components: foundation plan, foundation sections, foundation details, floor plans for masonry works, floor plans for architecture, building facades, lintels, lintel specifications and sections, span plan, roof design, roof plan, building sections, statement for doors and windows, parts and components, explanatory notes, technical specifications, quantities of basic materials needed for house construction, realistic visualization of a building.

  • Can I make minor changes to the plan without changing the blueprints?

  • Minor changes can be made at your own discretion during construction process. Those changes can be done by your builder without modifying your house plan at all. Changing door location, interior walls, eliminating or changing windows, reconfiguring a kitchen - these are the things that can be easily modified without changing the house plan, as those changes are not complex ones.

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