Frequently asked questions

  • What is included in the composition of the house plan?

  • The house plan set contains architectural - structural components: foundation plan, foundation sections, foundation details, floor plans for masonry works, floor plans for architecture, building facades, lintels, lintel specifications and sections, span plan, roof design, roof plan, building sections, statement for doors and windows, parts and components, explanatory notes, technical specifications, quantities of basic materials needed for house construction, realistic visualization of a building.
  • Is it possible to build a house more than once?

  • You are licensed to build a single house which is based on the purchased plan. Building more than one house is considered as an infringement of the designer's copyright. Therefore, if you would like to build a house more than once, you are required to purchase another full set of blueprints. In this case, we are offering big discounts. Just contact us!