Architectural part of the

The architectural part of the project includes: :   

  1. Explanatory note
  2. Technical specifications
  3. Foundations plan
  4. Floor plans with specifications
  5. Entablature plan
  6. Architectural facades
  7. Roof plan
  8. Architectural sections
  9. Specifications of doors and windows
  10. 3D visualization
  11. Statements on expenditures

The constructional part of the project

The constructional part of the project includes: :   

  1. Explanatory note
  2. Technical specifications
  3. Foundations plan
  4. The sections of foundations
  5. Plans of the floors for the constructions
  6. Specifications of lintels for the floors
  7. Lintels layout scheme
  8. Entablature layout plan
  9. Building facades
  10. Roof constructions plan
  11. Structural sections
  12. Statements of expenditures

Adaptation of the project to the plot

Our specialists will check if the house really fits into your plot; whether it violates the rights of the neighboring owners or not; whether fire safety distances are kept between the buildings if there are any. Also, we will select the best possible positioning of the house in the plot in relation to directions of the world.

Amount of materials

Together with the project you will receive statements of expenditures on main building materials. Having them will allow you to calculate the cost of building materials, builders will easily calculate an estimate of your future home.

Technical specifications of the project

Together with the project, you shall also receive the characteristics of the products (materials and manufactured products) needed for the building; technical and quality requirements and indicators for construction and installation works.

A detailed project

Our cardboard projects stand out among others due to more detailed project solutions. A more definite project means quicker construction, fewer misunderstandings at the construction site and cheaper construction costs. Clear and comprehensive plans make the foundation of the successful project. It is like an accurate map for a referred running. By having an accurate map he can run faster, undistracted and without making any mistakes.

Energy performance of building class

Energy performance of the house is an amount of energy calculated according to requirements of technical regulations of construction and expressed in the class of energy performance of the building. There are nine energy performance classes of the buildings: A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F and G. A class buildings consume the least amount of thermal energy; B consumes more but still comply the applicable standards of the day. The lower placed class letters from C to G mark the buildings that consume large amounts of energy. Buildings attributed to F and G classes consume the biggest amounts of thermal energy.

Project insurance

Sometimes even the most experienced professionals make mistakes. Their mistakes might cost a lot. Our company has insured all its projects with professional indemnity Insurance.

Assistance and consulting during construction

By choosing any of our house projects, you also will get a team of experienced architects and engineers at hand. This team will not only help you to select the best solution but also will help to solve any possible question that may arise at the construction site. We consult construction managers and builders. Due to the close cooperation, the construction will go smoother and faster which will result in saved funds.