What can be installed under the stairs?


Stairs - an architectural element That connects the spaces, located on Different floors, while at the same time it is an active interior "character." No less Useful and beautiful can be a space under the stairs. The most important thing here - ingenuity.



Optimal Use of the free space under the ladder - installation of a closet or a cabinet. It will fit any cabinet furniture, designed according to one the slope of the stairs. This can without an open shelf or cabinet with a hinged door. It is possible to install the pull-out drawers with wheels - They are comfortable Because They Can Be Accessed from all sides, and it does not matter if the gradient of the stairs is very low.



Why not hang your bicycles or keep your wine stocks under the stairs? During the season, probably in most Households bicycle storage is a real headache. Install the racks under the stairs and hang your bikes upside down. The wine bar in a visible place will look very original.



Stairs separate a small cozy space - such corner can create a private resting place and allow to move away from the bustle of home by reading a book or listening to music. Just place there a small armchair or couch on which you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your leisure time.


The kitchen

Are stairs in the kitchen area? Do not be afraid of slightly unusual solutions. Part of the kitchen can be installed under the ladder. The available space can be exploited by installing an oven, refrigerator and cabinets.


The living room

You do not want to place here the so-called sectional furniture? In this case, you will not need to look for any sophisticated solutions. Equip the stairs with shelves and use them to store your existing books, statues, vases and other home interior accessories.



Do you need a private space? Why not install there a small but cozy place for serious work? This can be a door partitioned room or just compositionally distinct mini-space for table and chair. A practical corner created by minimal means.



When planning spaces, do not forget the details that always can further justify your choices and make them make indispensable. When planning the use of space under the stairs option, note the staircase type, structure, of whether the stairs are open or closed. Dedicate time to railings, lighting, picture galleries on the empty stair wall installation.



In this personal space, you can liberate your imagination by exploiting the space under the stairs making it interesting and it would be easy to spend time. Bed can be installed directly under the stairs or elevated to the second level and constructed closet under the ladder. The latter option is perfect for the optimum planning of small spaces.