Small house projects. A smart choice


Small house projects. A smart choice

Small house projects are popular among the population primarily because of their cost-efficiency. In addition, architects can develop such projects more quickly, and builders can build them faster too. Usually, small houses are designed and built faster for the following reasons:

  • their construction does not require a large team of builders;
  • small projects do not require so many and various construction materials;
  • small house construction process is simple, so the contractors have fewer problems to deal with;
  • small house project is simpler to prepare and design;
  • faster construction usually means a more efficient funding - smaller loans, their interest and easier conditions getting them (also see our tips on home construction financing).

Small house plans are not only cheaper and faster to be designed and built but (more importantly the population) and dependent - your monthly heating bills and other services will be significantly lower. Small homeowners without the obvious economic advantages, and welcomes the fact that a small area of the house encourages its people to communicate more actively with each other, to spend a lot more time together while keeping a close and excellent personal relations. The small house is much easier to maintain because it takes less time and effort. The smaller the house, the less you will spend on furniture and other interior accents for your home. Many of us these days easily give in to various temptations of sales and discounts. A small house can help in this case, acting as a deterrent to excessive shopping because there will be not enough space to store the items bought. All other items will pass a rigorous selection process.

If you have children, a small house will encourage them (and you!) to spend more time in the fresh air. Small children will be easier to look after. In a small area, you can hear everything perfectly - in this case, you will save money on different and only temporarily needed child monitoring cameras and similar gadgets. Moreover, you will, probably, avoid having a multitude of toys in your home because the small house will stimulate your creativity. After all, you must make good use of every square meter of your home. Such creative work will not exhaust you at the end of the day. Many admit that creation of their dream home is one of the most pleasant and exciting activities in life.

If you are planning to install the alarm system in your house, it will cost much less. Security of a small house is not only less expensive but also more effective.

Since 2012 Lithuania has implemented a tax on real estate with a value bigger than 290.000€ (taxation rate - 1%). Therefore, properly calculated and designed small house can help prevent this new tax burden. More information about this new fee is available on the Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania website.

If a small house has so many advantages, is it possible that it has some flaws too? In fact, there are few and all of them are related to your lifestyle and the size of the family (or several residents). To learn how to choose a house project, we suggest you read a short, but very useful article named "How to choose a house project”.

Choosing a small house project will not provide you with space mini-cinema hall, but do you need it? Perhaps you will find many more interesting and more useful activities in life than continuous movie or concert viewing in an enclosed space. In addition, you can always enjoy those movies or concerts in a spacious living room. Both film director and music producer will easily find a suitable project among small house projects created by the architects of House Projects. All projects can be adapted to your wishes. Take the selected home plan and highlight (or) comment on what and where you do not want and what you like. Upon reception of your request, we will evaluate them and provide a detailed response.

You can draw practical or extraordinary new ideas for your home interiors and exteriors from our constantly updated series of articles "Ideas for your new home." We often publish exclusive ideas and solutions for houses from around the world in social networks like Facebook and Google+.

Although it is quite a rare event, but sometimes it happens that a person is not able to find a suitable ready-made house project of his liking. Then our team of professional architects and engineers can create an individual project.