Ideas for your house

New Home


Acquisition of the new home is usually a big event in a life of every person. Next, come small daily concerns and troubles which require simple practical solutions. For that purpose, we provide a variety of ideas for your new house. These ideas will help make life at your new home much more enjoyable, beautiful and simpler.

Let's start from the entrance to your new home. First suggestions will cover all the space that surrounds the house entrance - yard, porch, lobby, etc.

Impressive entrances

We all know that first impressions are important. Your home is your distinguishing feature. Often people, albeit involuntarily, form their opinion of you by looking at your house. That’s why it is worth putting an effort in order create a lasting good impression during their first visit. However, many people put lots of effort and money into projects of their homes but tend to forget about affordable and very important accents. First, it is worth remembering that transition from common space into private space does not have to start right from the entrance of your home. For that purpose, a separate side entrance can be planned. The main entrance to your home should be a kind of center. Such impression is easily created by using various details in a front yard – gates, fences, lamps, etc. Some people might like to install the entrance where guests are met by an intricate arched arbor with impressive garden around it.


Impressive Home Entrance Examples


Such entrance signalizes to the guests that they are in a special place with a lot more to see and discover. Moreover, such entrances often become an attractive place for conversation with your neighbors.

To equip the eye-catching home environment, it is necessary to catch the attention of the observer starting from the plot boundaries and throughout the territory. There is a variety of ways and the simplest of them is to use flowers, sophisticated shrubs or other interesting plants.

Outdoor sidewalks should be moderately illuminated. Passage lighting does not have to resemble an aircraft landing runway.

Next to the main door, you can place a few larger pots (trays) with flowers or plants. Careful flower and plant selection is important here. Do not select very large plants for this place. You must constantly take care of them, so if they are large, then their maintenance will require more time and effort.


Outdoor Sidewalks


Although the house yard is usually intended only for temporary transition, this area should emphasize the style of the house and your taste. You can transfer entire interior style of your house into this space. For instance, if the interior style of the house is dominated by oriental motifs, then near the entrance of your new house you can plant a bamboo tree. Small main door windows provide colorful characteristic to any house of traditional style. Vine ornaments on a door trim will provide a distinct and solid look to the main doors. One or a few small trees can be planted in the yard next to the main entrance. The birds will make nests in there which in many cultures is a good (success) sign. Each solution in this space should be individual and emphasize things that are important to you, yet it should be in harmony with what is important to local nature and common culture.

A good home designer or architect will always be able to combine interior and exterior spaces of your home into a unified whole and style. The entrance area to such professional represents a great chance to create something special, unique and exceptional. Here's a simple example - if you like green and use it in interior details of your new home, then for the walls in the lobby you can choose a greenish-yellow color.

It is advisable to choose a minimum of furniture for these spaces and place only a small number of accessories. Of course, in the lobby, there should be chairs or benches on which to sit to, take off shoes and put your bags. Many homeowners also choose to install mirrors here and it is a right decision. Mirrors give the room a certain luster, which compensates for the lack of natural light in the lobby. You can also place her a table or cabinet of interesting shapes.

At the top, you can install a secondary light, which will make the main entrance look cozier. To complement the interior with interesting details on mentioned table or chest of drawers you can place a woven basket, brass bowl or a silver tray.

Internal walls at the main entrance are a great place for pictures. They should be properly selected and adjusted (this may require advice from an art connoisseur). The lobby is also a great place for various temporary decorative holders on which you can place porcelain accessories or vases with your favorite flowers. Such holders can be replaced anytime you want to. You can adjust their height, location or completely remove them. 


Stairs to the house


These are some useful and practical ideas for your new home. Over time, we will add more of them.  So, if you have any ideas that were not mentioned here, you can send them to us by e-mail: Also, you can submit them directly on our Facebook or Google+ pages.