How to choose a project

Would not it be nice if construction of your home is as simple as a toy house building in childhood? At that time, you had a collection of plastic or wooden bricks, which you can put together and lay out the way you wanted. If you felt unhappy, you could break down everything and start building again. Unfortunately, there is no such set of toys for housing developments. Careful planning, however, greatly facilitates the entire process. Home building is not child's play but if you make inquiries, it will protect you from the early anxiety.


Choice of a house plan

Suitable house plan search can take a lot of time but its selection is very important for the success of building a house. If you do not like the final plan on paper, you will not want to see it. Even if you already have imagined how your dream house should look like. Yet, it is very important to ask yourself a few questions that can help choose a plan that will suit you the most.

First, answer the questions about lifestyle. Are you married or single? Do you have small children or plan to have them in the future? If so, do they need individual bedrooms or each child or they will share one room? How many bathrooms are necessary to serve the daily needs of the family? Do you have parents who could possibly reside together in the future? Do you frequently get visited by guests from other cities and do they stay with you overnight? How often do you work at home? How often do you seek entertainment? Do you need a separate space for formal and casual occasions? The answers to these questions can help you choose a house plan that best suits your lifestyle.

For example, the answers to the first few questions will help determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, which are the most important part of the home plan. If you have elderly parents and often receive visitors overnight, you might want to consider a plan with a separate guest area, separate bath or a separate entrance to the shared bath.

The answer to the question how often you work at home, can help determine whether you need a plan with a home office, study room or a quiet place to work. Answers to questions about how you entertain yourself, can help you decide what type of common rooms you need. If you like luxurious parties, you might want to have official rooms (the formal living room and dining room or the library, for example), which would form the right atmosphere for such cases.

If you like usual entertainment, you can choose a large family room and connect it to the kitchen. Many people today prefer the house plan with a large central room, which can be transformed into a formal or daily space to match the mood.

Also, ask yourself, what kind of activities you like. Indoor or outdoor? If you prefer to spend your time indoors, select the house plan that will fit into your leisure: a fireplace, media place, hobby room or study, gourmet kitchen. If you cannot resist the outdoor activities, then consider a plan with open or glassed-in porch, patio or other spaces that would substitute the big room indoors. According to the plan is lawn big enough for children's games and sports? If gardening is your passion, consider a plan with a pantry for garden supplies, auxiliary facilities. Or choose a house plan with several views displaying the landscape or your cultivated garden.

Home plan editing

There is a chance that you will find your dream home among many of the proposed ready-made projects. If not, then you have the option to change the plan to make it more suitable for you (about home plans editor you can read in our article "Home plans editor - an easier way to create your home).

The editing means that the architect or designer will redraw the plan by including the adjustments that better suits your needs. Typical changes include changing the foundation, adding additional rooms, changing external walls of the frame so that it is more responsive to environmental conditions, and even the exterior design changes.

Our company modifies many home plans each year. Moreover, it creates a lot of original designs. The average plan alteration prices vary from 70 to 200€. It is worth to pay a price for and get exactly what you want. (For comparison, the average cost for the architect's project from scratch, is 5 percent of the final price of the house, i.e. 5000 € from 100,000 € house).