The documentation made simple

Project coordination, carrying of the papers here and there, the rest of "paperwork” is not pleasant but you have to go through it. We will try to explain the whole process. 



Since you have already purchased a plot of land, registered it in the registers center, you decide that it is time to start looking for a project. Before choosing a project, we suggest you read the section named "How to choose a house project.” When choosing a project, check whether the project will fit into your site. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact us and our specialists will check for it free.

After purchasing a plot of land, you should start taking care of documentation. First, you need to make a topographical picture. Surveying Photo is your plot view from above with all adjacencies, communications and heights. It is valid for 1 year since the date it was taken. Topographical images can be ordered from land surveyors or Centre of Registers. Surveying photo of the plot can cost about 150€. Once you have a topographical picture, go to the municipality in which you have purchased the plot and fill out an application for special architectural requirements to obtain (formerly known as a set of design conditions). Have ID with you, land ownership document, the land plot plan, building ownership document (if there are any built structures on the plot), cadastral measurement file (if the plot has built structures). All Of These documents are obtainable from the Centre of Registers. Also, you need to have a co-owners' Consent (if the land is owned by Several owners) and the topographic picture of the land plot. Once you get the Specific design conditions, you must go to the Electricity Company for Providing Electrification conditions, as well as the local water supply company and gas supplying company too. Once you get the conditions from These Institutions and collect required documents (Still, you never know exactly what another documents bureaucrat: may be a require).

Finally, when documentation is complete and, probably, you have already found the house project, bought it but still cannot start the construction works because you do not have the construction permit. Building permits are obtained after the project is coordinated with the municipality. In order to coordinate the project, the house has to be put on the plot, in other words, the house needs to be "tied" to the plot. This work is done by an architect. When the house is "tied" to the plot, then engineers carry out the projects for water supply, sewerage and electricity inlets to the house. When all these projects are carried out, then the architect brings all communications together into a single network engineering plan. Then vertical and entablature plans are prepared. Finally, the design work is completed. The last step to be done - project coordination at the local municipality. Prior to the project coordination, the customer must pay 78€ to the STI (State Tax Inspectorate) for the issuance of the construction permit. First, the project is coordinated by Public Health Centre which concludes that the project meets the sanitary requirements. Then it is coordinated with the firemen, companies that operate engineering networks and other institutions. Upon completion of the project coordination, the construction permit is issued within 30 working days. You can start the construction now. If you still have any energy left... :)