Home is the place where
Our story begins

According to
Marius Čepulis

A metal wind-up alarm clock rings in a chilly farmhouse. Granny’s metal bed springs screak. She dresses up, steps into her gumshoes and shuffles to the kitchen. Takes a bundle of brushwood, tears a piece of a Soviet “Tiesa” newspaper and opens a loud squeaking doors of a cast-iron stove. Her concerned eyes are watching the combustion process for a while.

It is quiet. Firewood is flickering. Small red dots, escape through the tiny slit in the door of the stove and romp around playfully on the floor. Even now (after 25 years) remembering it invokes a pleasant morning slumber. I know that granny went to the barn through a creaking snow. There she poured some mash to pigs and rained some grain to chickens. Dropped some straws for the horse. She pulled a few beetroots from the basement and threw them to the animals as a dessert. Then she went to the deep well (14 curbs), fetched some water and gave it to all animals.

“Hey, kiddies, get up, potatoes are served on the table”, a jolly and loud voice of the granny casts the slumber away. It is one of our favorite dishes that nobody else can cook so well even at home (in the city). We rub our eyes, sprinkled our faces with ice-cold water and rush to the table. Take the potatoes and juggle them from hand to hand, blow at them until they cool off.

“Here’s the butter”, she passes us a plate with freshly made yellow, aromatic and salty cone of fat. She sits down in the corner between the refrigerator and observes how we, with mouths grinning, try to bite the potatoes and avoid being burned at the same time. “Scratch off the coal first”, says she taking a potato away from my brother and quickly, using knife cuts away the burnt parts of the potatoes. She sits and accompanies our every move with her warm and caring look. Those were the most wonderful mornings at our granny’s place. Yes, granny. Not grandmother. Grandmother was an alien, urban word to me.

She did not believe in God. Showed no support to any party. She never took sides. She just patiently and stubbornly took care of the house. The house where we always felt safe and loved. That house will always remain in my memories. I hope to create such house for my children and I wish you to have such house too.

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History of "HouseProjects"

The company was established in 2006. Since then it was like traveling on the road full of challenges and trials. Through countless cups of coffee, sleepless nights and a multitude of complicated projects we saw, shared and together survived the biggest economic crisis, construction decline, and the current technological revolution. From the very beginning, we were loyal to our fundamental values – impeccable customer service and improvement of our qualification as experts.

We are grateful to all our clients who helped us grow. We hope that you will continue to be the part of our company.

Values that helped us grow today also are an
integral part of the company.


are our biggest value.

Our inner culture, traditions, and relationships make a foundation on which we build our identity and success of the company. We believe that only happy employees can make our customers happy.

  1. If you are here due to your unique talent and knowledge, share it with other team members and customers.
  2. Take care of your colleagues and your second home.

  3. Engage with the culture of the company: communicate, travel, have fun.
  4. Be yourself.


are what we work for. They create jobs.

  1. Listen and understand the needs and expectations of the customer.
  2. Always deliver what you promised and exceed the expectations of the customer if you can.
  3. Never leave the customer in uncertainty, keep him informed about the progress of the project.
  4. Solve difficulties quickly and professionally.
  5. Ask yourself how can you save some time for the client.
  6. Do not forget to smile :)


is our trademark.

The high quality of the projects and accuracy are the main factors that distinguishes us from our competitors.

  1. Strive for professionalism and quality in all things whatever you do.
  2. Ask yourself if what you are doing now is the best you can do?
  3. On occasion, suggest ideas to improve the processes of the company.


is power.

We grow as accompany only when we grow as personalities.

  1. Never stop learning. Seminars, books, trainings are always financed by the company.
  2. Learn from your mistakes.
  3. Show initiative.

OUR team

Architects, dreamers, engineers

  • Laimonas Sipavičius
  • Lina Juršėnienė
    Project manger
  • Gintas Timonis
  • Andrius Ruškys

Our life

Good job team. We ROCK!!!
Life is too short to always be serious
When life becomes too complicated we go skiing. It has become a tradition for quite some time. Skiing is fun because it is a sport that connects the advantages of the winter and tree turning.
Sometimes we pretend to be normal. When it gets boring, we come back and continue being ourselves.

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Laimonas Sipavičius

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